56th Scientific-Technical Conference on Welding: | WELDING - ALWAYS BE MORE | and the International Welding Fair ExpoWELDING in Sosnowiec, Silesia.

On the 15th of October 2014, during the 56th Conference of the International Fair of Welding and Welding ExpoWELDING in Sosnowiec, our main welding inspector participated in sessions of many scientific lectures concerning a wide range of welding and joining processes. The conference was attended by scientists from many abroad centers and leading institutions  (Lisbon, Bremen, Stockholm, Sweden, Trollhättan, Wels, Magdeburg, Kiev, Sofia) and also Polish ones (Gdańsk, Szczecin, Warsaw, Wrocław, Gliwice, Poland and others). The topics of lectures included various air and under water weldability problems, modification of the surface layer, the design of welded structures, the use of high welding methods, numerical modeling and welding of living tissues. 

Our welding inspector is the co-author of the article which was presented at the conference on "Problems of underwater welding of high-strength steels." Also  he participated in the second edition of the Conference on "Safe operation of the welder. Various problems were discussed, among others  selection of personal protective equipment, exposure to light radiation, welder’s equipment, exemplary irregularities and accidents at work. 

The knowledge gained on the conference is a precious value that allows to upgrade the competence of welding supervision personnel in SEC company. It concerns the scope of both welding processes and safety increase.


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SEC Group builds common HSSE values with Kvaerner AS

We would like to thank our partner Kvaerner AS for inviting us to the next edition Kvaerner HSSE SUMMIT 2014 under the slogan "Improvements Together" organized on 29-30.10.2014 in Stord in Norway. Representatives of the SEC have the honor to be among more than 100 delegates, business partners, subcontractors and suppliers of Kvaerner AS. This summit created the opportunity to participate in direct dialogue on building security, trust, health care of employees and continuous improvement of the working environment conditions.

The operation of loading new elements of construction Moho Subsea Project, Energomontaż

Within the agreed production schedule on Moho Subsea Project, on the date 29-08-2014 the loading of frames NL 1001, NL 1002, NL 1003 has been successfully completed.

The inspections works on Subsea MOHO Project and Subsea Aasta Hansteen Project

At the end of September 2014 SEC inspectors complete the first part of the supervision works on Moho Subsea Project and Subsea AAST Hansteen Project . Within our frame agreement our engineering staff supervises the implementation of the elements: constructions NL1001, NL1002, NL1003, NL1004, BL41, BL12, BLGLM, structures Anchor Top’ow BA12, BAGLM, BASDU, NAKKF2, NAFPU – Total weight of constructions is 900 tons. Constructions Anchor Top’ow HA, LU, SN - Total weight of elements is 300 tons. The inspection works for our Norwegian customer Aker Egersund take place in EPG Gdynia.

14 July 2014 Repair works on the Platform TRANSOCEAN BARENTS

Currently on the Transocean BARENTS drilling rig last modification and upgrading works at Kværner Stord yard. The Platform is designed to work in harsh environmental conditions and water depths of 3,000 meters. The time taken to carry out all the required repair works has been contracted for 60 days.  Welding and fitting works  on the object are implemented by more than 60 of our employees and include both steel structures and  piping installations. In addition Kvaerner Stord, appreciating the quality of our services and experience of  SEC Norge staff, hired in  one of our valued  Shift Leaders who supports the coordination of repair work on the object. 

Starting Nyhamna Project. May 2014

In May 2014 Kvaerner Stord AS launched the execution of Nyhamna Project, the largest onshore contract signed in Norway in 2012, with a value of 11 billion NOK in the context of the Framework Agreement between A / S Norske Shell and Kvaerner. The project is expected to last six years with the possibility of prolongation for another two years. Within the contract signed with the company Kvaerner Stord AS our engineering personnel started inspection works in the field of welding, dimensional control and technical documentation. The construction works of Nyhamna Project are implemented at Mostostal Pomorze and Energop Sochaczew in Poland.

Flare Tower for Platform Edvard Grieg

Within our frame agreement with our main client, Norwegian company Kvaerner Stord AS in April 2014, our qualified staff began engineering, welding inspections, dimension control and supervision of the technical documentation during manufacturing of flare tower of Edvard Grieg platform. Construction work of a flare tower is under construction in Mostostal Pomorze in Gdańsk.

Eldfisk 2/7 S Topside leaves Stord yard on 16th of May 2014, Norway

Within the contract signed by two major companies Kvaerner Stord AS and ConocoPhillips in March 2011, Topside of Eldfisk 2/7 S Platform sailed away from Stord shipyard in May this year. The ceremony held on this occasion was attended, among others, by the President and CEO of Kvaerner in one person- Jan Arve Haugan. After leaving Stord Topside of the platform will be lifted onto the part called steel substructure jacket by raising it with two separate lifts. The whole operation has been already planned in details by an international team of Kvaerner. It is worth reminding that Eldfisk is a part of a larger oil and gas field known as Greater Ekofisk Area located in the North Sea about 300 kilometers from the coast of Norway. Production was launched there in 1979.

Edvard Grieg – piping installation and prefabrication May 2014

In accordance with the agreed production schedule of our client Kvaerner Stord AS, our company SEC Norge AS started works on piping installation of Edvard Grieg Project. In mid-May first crews of welders and fitters went to Stord/ Norway. They will work under the watchful eye of experienced supervisors and leaders. Also this month we extended the specialized groups on piping prefabrication of process-drilling platform Edvard Grieg.

Edvard Grieg in Kvaerner Stord AS, Norway

In January 2014, our crews of welders and fitters started work on the construction of modules: manufacturing (C00) and utility (U00) of Edvard Grieg platform, which shall be placed in the North Sea. Process-drilling platform Edvard Grieg shall be set on the oil field of the same name. First production is scheduled for October 2015. The works take place at the manufacturing plant of Kvaerner Stord AS, our Norwegian customer .

Eldfisk 2/7S Platform in Kvaerner Stord AS. The final stage of work

In ongoing month we finished our activity on the construction of Eldfisk 2/7 S platform. The majority of work has been done on two following modules: utility and production. At the moment the platform is being prepared to sail to the North Sea for sea trials. 

SEC Pomorze awarded with a prize by National Labour Inspectorate!

We are pleased to announce that SEC Pomorze company has been awarded in the competition organised by National Labour Inspectorate. Ceremony of handing in the statues "Employer- Organiser of safe work" was held on 20th November 2013 in Dwór Artusa in Gdańsk. Piotr Piłat- President of the Board collected the award in the category of employers having between 51- 250 workers. It was 20th., jubilee edition of plebiscite which aim is to promote the activities improving the safety at work and favour employers who eliminate potential risks.

Lifting of Goliath Gantry Crane succeded

At the beginning of November lifting operation of Goliath Gantry Crane in Kværner Stord has been finished. Employees of SEC Pomorze has started fitting and welding works at this part of project. Element is being fitted in bad weather conditions, at the height of 115 meters, what means that works require precision and experienced personnel.
Video material:

Execution of bridge construction elements

SEC Pomorze assists Vistal Eko in execution of bridge construction elements. Material applied - duplex type. Works location: clients workshop in Gdynia.

Works at Piping Prefab workshop on Edvard Grieg Project commenced

Since the end of October our subsidiary- SEC Norge AS has started works on Piping Prefab in Kværner Stord, Norway. Our crew has commenced works on Edvard Grieg Project at the advanced pipelines prefab dealing with 316 L, duplex, super duplex, 6Mo, titanium materials.

Edvard Grieg Project- supervision of steel modules

According to next stage of project SEC Pomorze expanded general contractors - Kværner Stord AS Site Team by other high qualificated specialists. Our crew is responsible for supervisions over quality and punctuality of Edvard Griegs platform construction works at Polish subcontractors in Gdynia. 

Welding inspections and work supervisions for Aker Egersund

In frames of the contract with Norwegian client - Aker Egersund since beginning of September inspectors from SEC Pomorze perform welding inspections and supervision works over execution of Edvard Griegs Project elements on modules such as P10, P20, P30 and P40 at the total weight of 1800 tons. Works are conducted at EPGs production unit Gdynia. 

Frame agreement with Konecranes Finland Corporation signed on 2nd July 2013

Our company SEC Pomorze has just signed the frame agreement with worldwide lifting business concern Konecranes Finland Corporation. Our first task is to perform welding works of newly buily Goliath Gantry Crane that will be erected at Kvaerner Stord Yard in Norway. Above mentioned new gantry crane will have a lifting capacity of 800 tonnes with the operating area below wide of 153 meters. The total height of the new crane will be 115 meters. You can find more information on

Welding supervision in CRIST OFFSHORE on Edvard Grieg platform project

In frames of the contract our engineering staff performs the welding inspections of Edvard Grieg Project. The platform steel structures are under manufacturing in Crist Offshore.

Establishing the cooperation with KONECRANES FINLAND CORPORATION

Our company established the cooperation with KONECRANES FINLAND CORPORATION company. We received the order for the logistic service. Currently we discuss the performance of fitting and welding works at the construction of gantry cranes.


Edvard Grieg Project for Kvaerner Stord from May 2013

We are pleased to announce that since May 2013 our company provides logistic and inspection services such as welding inspection, dimensional control, engineering, office administration, car fleet rental etc. for our client Kværner Stord AS in a new Project Edvard Grieg.

Building of the platform in Kværner Stord AS - installation works begun

Our subsidiary SEC Norge AS began another building stage of Eldfisk 2/7S offshore platform. Erection works are performed at our client’s yard at Kværner Stord in Norway. The scope of activities includes steel structures and piping installations of new building platform. Range of materials is very wide starting with carbon steel and ending up with duplex, super duplex, 6Mo and titanium.

We care for our employees - agreement with trade unions in Norway already signed

Our company, bearing in mind the good of our employees, has just signed the agreement with the trade unions in Norway. Collective agreement with Fellesforbundet, lets the employed in Norway use the entire range of laws which have Norwegian employees associated in trade unions.

Inspection supervision in EPG at Norwegian project

In frames of the commissioned contract our experienced employees carry out the quality control and welding inspections.

Eldfisk job on Piping Prefab in Kværner Stord AS is getting started...

Eldfisk 2/7S Project, Piping Prefab  –  our subsidiary SEC Norge AS sent three crews to Piping Prefab Workshop to Kværner Stord, Norway. First group of highly skilled employees started their work on 12 September 2012 and are dealing with titanium, super duplex and 6Mo, demanding materials. 

Welding works for EPG started in October 2012

Our company has started cooperation with EPG at construction of platform Eldfisk 2/7S elements. To the order of our client we ensure personnel of fitters and welders. Our old qualified workers carry out welding of pipelines from such materials as titanium, superduplex and 6 Mo.

Another Eldfisk job. For our new client STX Finland Oy

Eldfisk 2/7S Project  – our SEC Pomorze has signed new contract for supplying groups of highly skilled personnel to work at manufacturing of steel modules of offshore platform Eldfisk II belonging to Greater Ekofisk Development Project. Assembly and welding works  we perform for our client STX Finland Oy in Turku shipyard, part of the STX Europe Group, an international shipbuilding group. Contract started in August 2012.

Eldfisk 2/7S Project for Vistal Gdynia SA welding works.

Eldfisk 2/7S Project – since May 2012 our company performs welding works on F01 flare tower and B01 bridge for Vistal Gdynia SA.

Our SEC Norge AS has signed the frame agreement with Kværner Stord AS.

Our subsidiary, SEC Norge AS has signed the contract for hireing out of the highly skilled personnel of different specialization for our client Kværner Stord AS in Stord, Norway. Frame agreement was signed on 25 April 2012. Works are planned to commence in aprox. September 2012 on Eldfisk 2/7S.

Eldfisk 2/7S B01 & F01 for Vistal Gdynia SA - welding inspections

Eldfisk 2/7S B01 & F01 - in March 2012 our company signed the contract for providing of welding inspections on part of Eldfisk Project. Our IWI certified welding inspectors taking care on whole welding process of B01 bridge and F01 flare that will be installed on offshore platform.  

Ekofisk 2/4Z and Kristin LPP for Aker Egersund AS.

Ekofisk 2/4Z and Kristin LPP – since January 2012 our company provides welding inspection for Aker Egersund AS.

Eldfisk 2/7S Project for our client Kværner Stord AS

Eldfisk 2/7S Project – since November 2011 our company provides logistic and inspection services such as:
Welding inspection, dimensional control, QC/RI activity , car fleet rental etc. for our client Kværner Stord AS